Zapp Trapp - Anti Mosquito & Bug Trap
Zapp Trapp - Anti Mosquito & Bug Trap
Zapp Trapp - Anti Mosquito & Bug Trap
Zapp Trapp - Anti Mosquito & Bug Trap
Zapp Trapp - Anti Mosquito & Bug Trap

Zapp Trapp - Anti Mosquito & Bug Trap


Zapp Trapp

It's that time of year again, suns out, weathers getting warmer, and those darn pesky mosquitoes are back. Leaving itchy bites on uncovered skin or in most cases even a shirt wont protect you since mosquitoes can bite through that too!

With over 1,000,000 people dead every year from mosquito carried diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya mosquitoes are ranked as the number one deadliest animal towards humans in the world.

And we all know that those mosquito "repellent" sprays never really work, that's why you need something that does. Luckily for you the Zapp Trapp Home does!

UV Light + Heat Lure

395 nm UV waves emit light and heat at the optimal temperature of 36.5℃  (97.7℉). A combination of which mosquitoes and bugs are attracted to.

Vortex Suction

A silent powerful 7 blade fan sucks in mosquitoes and bugs to the bottom of the trap where they cant escape and die from air drying.

20m (65.6ft) Effective Radius

20 meter (65.6ft) of effective mosquito killing power, if a mosquito or bug is within this range it will B-line it straight to the trap and ignore everything else.

Catch Basket

To empty your trap simply just detach the the catch basket from the bottom of the trap. The entire trap is water proof so you can wash it as you need.

How To Use

Plug the trap into a power source via USB and press the top button to turn on. UV light will be emitted from the trap luring mosquitoes into the suction chamber. As mosquitoes and bugs fall into the trap air drying will take place killing the mosquitoes or bugs, (this takes around 6 hours). Once you are satisfied with your catch unscrew the bottom catch chamber clockwise to empty it.

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  • Low noise level (20db)
  • 20m (65.6ft) effective radius
  • UV light lure and vacuum suction
  • Catch basket
  • USB Powered

Elegant & Simplistic

Other traps on the market can be a real eye sore and that's what we had in mind when coming up with the Zapp Trapp Home. Its elegant and simplistic design helps it fit right snug in your home.

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Mosquito free and bite free!

Janice Stebbings - Minnesota

Even with nets mosquitoes still get in but this, this gets the job done.

Austin Miller - British Columbia

I keep one in the babies room, its so quite she sleeps right through it.

Sandra Garcia - California

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